NH Boat Museum and Tours

NH Boat Museum and Tours

In the picturesque Lakes Region of New Hampshire, Path Resorts is proud to offer guests access to some of the state’s most enriching experiences. Central to these is the captivating New Hampshire Boat Museum. Far from just a building with exhibits, this museum is a portal into the celebrated nautical past of the region and offers an unparalleled way to witness the majestic beauty of our pristine lakes.

The museum offers exhibits, events, programs and the opportunity for guests to enjoy vintage boat tours. With two iconic boats to choose from, visitors can embark on the ‘Millie B’ from the charming town of Wolfeboro or set sail on the ‘Miss Lauren’ from North Water Marine in Laconia. Each of these boats is not merely a mode of transportation but a vessel that carries with it tales of craftsmanship, history, and a unique and educational way to traverse the lake’s expanses.

Setting sail on the ‘Miss Lauren’ is an immersive experience. As the elegant mahogany Hacker-Craft boat skims the water’s surface, passengers are regaled with stories that intertwine the region’s maritime heritage with the breathtaking landscape. The boat’s rhythmic movement, the call of local birds, and the gentle lapping of the water, all contribute to a narrative where nature meets culture. Furthermore, every passenger on these vintage boat tours is granted complimentary access to the New Hampshire Boat Museum located in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. Soon to be relocated to Moultonborough, the museum promises engaging exhibits, lively events, and enriching educational programs.

After a day spent on the lake, delving into the tales of yesteryears, a comforting retreat awaits at Path Resorts. Strategically positioned throughout the Lakes Region, our properties are meticulously designed to enhance your vacation experience. From comfortable accommodations to a plethora of enjoyable amenities, we ensure that your journey from aquatic exploration to terrestrial relaxation is smooth and fulfilling.

With the New Hampshire Boat Museum’s offerings, especially the captivating ‘Miss Lauren’ tour, you’re set for an unforgettable adventure in the Lakes Region. And as you map out this journey, let Path Resorts be your land anchor, providing the perfect balance between discovery and repose. Chart your course with us and embark on an unparalleled Lakes Region odyssey.

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