Defiant Records & Craft Beer

Defiant Records & Craft Beer

The Lakes Region of New Hampshire is a very popular location for beer lovers to visit. There are multiple breweries, beer gardens and bars throughout the area providing a great selection of craft brews made within the New England area. One of the more unique and newer options to visit is Defiant Records & Craft Beer located in downtown Laconia. Defiant was founded in August of 2021, and offers a wide assortment of both, craft beer and vinyl records.

Combining their love and passion of music and beer, owners Kristin and Mike came up with the genius idea to include both into their new business plan. One side of the company hosts the bar and lounge area and the adjoining suite includes thousands of classic and new vinyl records to sift through and purchase. Many customers enjoy browsing the selection of records with a beer in hand, whether it be a pale ale, IPA, hard seltzer or one of the many additional offerings from the bar. The appreciation of musical arts at the new business goes beyond the substantial selection of records, as they incorporate live musical performances by well known local musical artists each Friday evening.

The bar also hosts other exciting events including open mic nights each Wednesday, classic car shows and the occasional celebration or party. While the location is an amazing laid-back spot for tourists and locals to gather and appreciate a cold beer, bite to eat and enjoy some great music, it is also a perfect place for other local businesses to meet and discuss their agendas and planning. If you are preparing for your next vacation to the Lakes Region, be sure to include a stop at Defiant Records & Craft Beer!

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