Path Resorts New Covid Safeguards

Path Resorts New Covid Safeguards

As we continue to closely monitor and face the challenges of the novel coronavirus, the safety and health of our employees, timeshare owners and guests remain our top priority. We have been working closely with our state and local health officials in order to create a plan to reopen in a practical and responsible manner. While we continue to follow the state guidelines, we would like to ask you to enjoy the resort with proper social distancing measures in mind and adhere to the new health and safety rules you will notice posted around the property. Some of the wide-ranging actions you can take to enjoy your vacation in an appropriate manner are:

  • Staying home if you are not feeling well or have any symptoms of COVID-19
  • Practicing social distancing while staying 6 feet away from other guests not in your party
  • Washing or sanitizing your hands often
  • Wearing masks and using hand sanitizer while enjoying a public space


Employee Wellness Procedures:

The health of Path Resort’s staff is being monitored very closely at this time. In addition to requiring all employees to stay at home if they are feeling ill or having symptoms of the novel coronavirus, we are also taking and recording all staff member’s temperatures on a daily basis. Any associate with a recorded fever will not be permitted on property.

All associates will continue to wear protective equipment including face masks and gloves when necessary and will also follow strict handwashing guidelines.

Guest Accommodations Procedures:

While cleanliness has always been a priority at Path Resorts, we have enhanced our room sterilization and deep cleaning procedures. In addition to our standard cleaning measures, we are taking more focus on thoroughly disinfecting high-touch surfaces including but not limited to: remotes, telephones, door handles and counters. If the unit has a kitchen, we will be running the dishwasher before every check-in and leaving the silverware, glassware and dishes in the dishwasher for sanitary purposes. Each room will also be provided a bottle of cleaning spray for guests to utilize during their reservation.

During this time, we will not be providing our usual housekeeping maid services. Guests are asked to contact the front desk with any requested supplies or items and we will provide them in a sanitary bag left right outside your accommodations.

Property-Wide Wellness Procedures:

To obtain minimal interhuman contact, we have set an online registration process in place. We have also adopted a temporary curbside check-in procedure. Once at the registration office, guests are asked to park in front of the Path Resorts check-in sign where a desk attendant will come out to your vehicle with the necessary registration information and room keys. For checkout, please utilize our express checkout option.

We have enhanced our sanitation protocols and have equipped our campus with multiple hand sanitizing stations throughout. Our cleaning staff is prioritizing focus on deep cleaning the high-touch point common surfaces using hospital-grade disinfectant in addition to purchasing multiple cordless electrostatic disinfectant handheld sprayers for enhanced and systematic cleaning throughout the property.

There is signage throughout the property reinforcing proper hygiene and social distancing guidelines for both, employees and guests to adhere to.

Amenities Procedures:

Some amenities will remain closed throughout the beginning phases of reopening (including some hot tubs and saunas). The amenities that are open and accessible will have enhanced physical distancing guidelines, requesting all guests remain 6+ feet from guests not in their party. Equipment for outdoor amenities (basketballs, volleyballs, badminton, etc.) will be available upon request by dialing the front office. After use, guests are asked to leave their used equipment in the respective bins to be sanitized.

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