Path Resort’s Elves Assist With Children’s Auction Event

Path Resort’s Elves Assist With Children’s Auction Event

Path Resorts is elated to share the success of our involvement in the 2023 Greater Lakes Region Children’s Auction. This event, a cornerstone of regional philanthropy, has been uplifted to new heights thanks to the heartfelt participation of sponsors, bidders, volunteers and the overwhelming support from the community.

During this year’s auction, held December 5th – 8th, six team members from our three Path Resorts properties donated their time and skills to man the phone lines at the auction’s bustling phone bank on December 6th. These devoted and festive holiday elves were not just voices on the other end of the line; they were beacons of hope, aiding in the auction’s goal of supporting children and families in need within the Lakes Region. Our team’s dedication shone brightly as they navigated the flurry of calls, with one standout moment being when an employee adeptly handled a crucial bid for the prestigious super bid board, known for featuring high-value auction items.

The results of this year’s event speak volumes. The 2023 Greater Lakes Region Children’s Auction closed with a grand total of $711,495 – a record-breaking figure that surpassed all previous years. This monumental achievement is a testament to the unwavering spirit of giving that characterizes our community and the effectiveness of collective effort.

For an hour on that eventful Wednesday, our Path Resorts team members were not just employees; they were custodians of generosity, channeling the community’s goodwill into meaningful action. Their participation in taking calls, managing bids, and in closing out a high-stakes item on the super bid board, went beyond mere volunteerism. It was a demonstration of our core values – a commitment to community service and a deep-rooted desire to make a positive impact in the lives of those around us. As we reflect on this incredible accomplishment, we at Path Resorts are filled with pride and gratitude. Pride, in seeing our team members rise to the occasion with such enthusiasm and professionalism. Gratitude, for the opportunity to be part of an event that so profoundly affects the lives of children and families in our region.

This year’s auction has set a new benchmark, not just in terms of funds raised, but also in the display of community solidarity. It reinforces our belief that when we come together for a common cause, the impact can be truly transformative. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all involved in the Greater Lakes Region Children’s Auction and look forward to continuing our support in the years to come. Here’s to a future where our collective efforts continue to break records and, more importantly, bring hope and joy to those in need.

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