Path Resorts Team Joins Granite United Way’s Day of Caring Event

Path Resorts Team Joins Granite United Way’s Day of Caring Event


Every year, the Path Resorts family proudly comes together with a shared commitment to community service, joining hands with several local organizations during the Granite United Way’s Day of Caring initiative. This event stands as a testament to the power of collective effort, showcasing how local businesses and individuals can make a tangible difference when they collaborate for a cause.

This year, on Friday, September 22nd, a handful of our dedicated Path Resorts team members donated their time and skills to the wetlands and pollinator gardens at Gunstock Mountain. These essential eco-spaces required some tender loving care, and our team was more than up to the task. From applying fresh coats of paint to parts of the boardwalk, trimming overgrown shrubs, and meticulous weeding, to laying down gravel pathways, and demonstrating their carpentry prowess by constructing safe bridges, our team along with multiple other helpful organizations made sure that every corner of the wetlands area and boardwalk gleamed with renewed vibrancy.

Granite United Way, a beacon of community outreach and support in New Hampshire, has the noble mission of uplifting the lives of residents by harnessing the collective strength of the community. Their Day of Caring event is just one of the many avenues through which they recognize this vision. As with previous years, Path Resorts remains a committed supporter of Granite United Way’s endeavors. In addition to our participation in the annual Day of Caring event, many of our team members contribute by assigning a fraction of their earnings as donations to the non-profit, and participating in food drives and other initiatives designed to alleviate challenges faced by families in our local communities.

In reflection, it fills us with immense pride to be part of a team that not only excels professionally but also places great importance on community and social responsibility. As we look forward to many more years of partnership with Granite United Way and service to our beloved New Hampshire community, we remain inspired by the dedication and generosity of our Path Resorts family.

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