Record Breaking 2023 Holiday Food Drive

Record Breaking 2023 Holiday Food Drive

In the spirit of giving and community support, Path Resorts is proud to announce the resounding success of our 2023 annual food drive. Demonstrating an unwavering commitment to addressing hunger in our local communities, our dedicated employees from Path Resorts have set a new benchmark of generosity and community engagement.

From November 6th to December 6th, team members across our properties united for a cause close to our hearts – combating hunger and food insecurity. In a remarkable display of solidarity and compassion, our employees donated an astounding total of 845 nonperishable food items. In line with our tradition of matching employee contributions, Path Resorts proudly added an additional 845 items, bringing the grand total to a record-breaking 1,690 items! This year’s collection far surpassed our previous records, marking a significant achievement in our ongoing efforts to combat hunger in our local communities. Donations included a wide variety of essential food items, from hearty soups and nutritious cereals to staples like rice, canned meat, beans and pasta. In an extraordinary effort to amplify our impact, we sourced bulk items from wholesale shops, ensuring that we cover all nutritional bases.
The culmination of this heartwarming campaign saw the gathered items being transported to Agape Food Pantry, located conveniently close to our Center Harbor Inn property. This nearby pantry has been a beacon of hope for many in our direct community, and our contribution is set to make a substantial difference in the lives of those they aid. The array of collected items will offer much-needed relief and support to many during these challenging times. The Agape Food Pantry expressed immense gratitude for this donation, highlighting how such collective efforts play a crucial role in their mission to provide assistance to those in need.

At Path Resorts, we believe in the power of community and the impact of collective action. This year’s food drive not only showcased the generous spirit of our team but also reinforced our commitment to making a meaningful difference in our local area. We are immensely proud of our team’s efforts and are already looking forward to continuing this tradition of giving in the years to come. As we reflect on this achievement, we are reminded that every contribution, big or small, has the power to change lives. We extend our heartfelt thanks to every team member who participated in this year’s drive, demonstrating that together, we can make a significant impact. Here’s to many more years of giving, caring, and supporting our community.

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